ENG 307: New Media Literacies and the English ClassroomCourse CalendarSpring 2011
NOTE: Homework is due at the beginning of or before class on the day under which it is listed.
*This calendar is designed to change: you will be contributing to it.*

Week One

Th Jan 19

Course introduction
Notes from class discussion of what this film has to do with our purpose in this class

Week Two

Tu Jan 24

  • Have registered for ds106,making sure to select "SUNY Cortland's ENG 307" from the pulldown menu under "Profile"/"Institutional Affiliation." Some of the boxes you will have to leave blank for the time being, but you can go back and complete your profile once you have signed up for accounts.
  • Then, by class time on Tu, go to the ds106 blog for Assignment #1: Domain and Webhosting. Have finished 1) purchasing your domain, 2) purchasing hosting your site, 3) setting up your blog, and 4) narrating your process in your first blog post.
  • Also sign up for a Twitter account and get an account at Tweetdeck, following the directions here.
  • Reply to this survey by 5pm on Monday Jan 23.
  • Become a member of the 21st Century Literacies Ning, if you're not already a member (I will send you an invitation). Complete your profile there.

In Class:
  • Read from Richardson, "On My Mind: Teachers as Master Learners"
  • Review problems with getting blogs hosted for ds106
  • What is Twitter?
  • What is social-bookmarking

Th Jan 26

  • Discuss Teachers as Master Learners . Discussion starters get points for the semester.
  • Have participated in at least one "Daily Create" this week and tweet out to #eng307 with a link to your creation (and to #ds106, of course).

Week Three

Tu Jan 31

In class:
  • Discuss Twitter and tweeting
  • Continue to work on blogs and set up apps/accounts

Th Feb 2

  • Be finished experimenting with your blog (see above).
  • Make sure that you have watched Gardner Campbell's "Bag of Gold" webcast and blogged about it.
  • If you are interested, check out the face-to-face address of Gardner Campbell that UMW students were privy to. Keep your eyes peeled on Jim's blog for archives of more guest lectures for #ds106 at UMW.
  • Have participated in at least one Daily Create this week. If you did not participate in the Daily Create last week, participate two times this week. Tweet out links to your work once you've finished them (to #ds106 and #eng307).
  • If you have not yet done so, create blog posts for all of your Daily Creates. See Jim Groom's blog for an example of how to title and contextualize your posts.
  • Have set up a flickr account and uploaded a dozen or so pictures (so that your photostream will pull into the ds106 site).
  • Finish setting up your wiki page on the ENG 307 Student Wiki. You will need to access this site through the invitation email I sent to your Cortland email account.
  • Be following #tdc and #ds106 on Tweetdeck; make sure that you are following everyone in #eng307; and be sure that you have tweeted out your blog url (so everyone can see you on Twitter and follow you there and see your blog (we will be setting up a feed aggregator in class).
  • Have updated your profile on ds106 (to add account info for Twitter, Flickr, etc.): Go to ds106 and from the "Community" tab in the toolbar, choose "Directory" and then do a "Search" for your name, where you will find a tab for your "Profile," where you can add this information.

Week Four

Tu Feb 7

Complete these DS106 assignments: Week 3 Assignments (Web 2.0 Storytelling, readings, blogging, and playing with digital storytelling).

In class:

Th Feb 9

  • Read and comment upon "Who is Ed Parkour?"by Bill Genereux
    • Options for commenting
      • On your blog, in which you link back to the post.
      • On our Ning in which you engage with others in the class on the topic (linking back to the post and other relevant posts, too, of course).
      • Or on Twitter, when you reply to this Tweet (find it on the ds106 Twitter stream from February 5).
  • Aggregate feeds Follow the directions linked above to pull in the feeds from all of your classmate's blogs.
  • Get book: Have picked up from the bookstore or Mando's a copy of our book (which is finally in!).
  • Check Twitter: Double check that you are following all of your classmates in ENG307. See directions on Google docs.
  • The Daily CreateHave completed one Daily Create (by this point, you should have finished and blogged about FOUR Daily Creates. After this point, there will be no "doubling up" during the week to make up for past DCs that you did not complete). Don't forget also to tweet out links to your creations/blog posts to #eng307 and #ds106.

Week Five

Tu Feb 14

  • Plan to have 2 MORE Daily Creates by this Th Feb 16 (7 total by that time, with 3 created during the period beginning Tu 2/7 - Th 2/16). The photography focus over the next couple of weeks is going to help with visual digital storytelling. Read the articles in part "a" of ds106 "Assignments for Week 4" before doing these. IGNORE THE REST OF PART A.
  • On the same link (i.e., Assignments for Week 4), do all of Part B.

In Class

Introduce ISTE Standards

Th Feb 16

  • Have completed 2 Daily Creates (see Feb 14) and have blogged about them.
  • Collaborate in fleshing out the wiki page about our preliminary musings about ways that teachers of Adolescent Literacy can fulfill the NETS-S and NETS-T (page is linked in the sidebar of the Student Wiki, too).
  • BRING: Richardson book

In class

Week Six

Tu Feb 21

  • Have completed the work for ds106 Week 5. ENG 307 modifications of this assignment: we will only do 10 stars worth of work for the assignment (not 15) and we will have it finished by Tu/the 21st (not Sun the 19th). Don't forget to "tweet your stuff" to #ds106 AND #eng307.
  • Blog facilitation: Tonya Tyrrell, "Yeah, You’ve Got Problems? So Solve them" (page 79)
BRING: Earbuds

Th Feb 23

  • Have updated your wiki page on the student wiki, according to this document, and include links to all assignments.
  • Have completed 2 Daily Creates and blogged about them

Blog facilitation:
  • Emerald Brookins - “Dear Kids, You Don’t Have to Go to College” (pg.99)
  • Samantha Bert page 51 “The end of Books (For me, At least)”

  • Earbuds
  • Mics
  • Flash drives (for saving radio show projects)

In Class
Work on radio shows

Week Seven

Tu Feb 28

Due: Comment on at least 3 DS106 posts

In class:
  • Discuss Creating Assignments and Creating Tutorials
  • View Jim Groom's blog post and video intro to audio
  • Work on Radio Shows or (if you're through) work on Daily Create and/or Audio assignments, comment on ds106 blogs, or comment on Richardson posts

  • Earbuds
  • Mics
  • Flash drives (for saving radio show projects)

Blog facilitation:
  • Bridgette Metzinger “What I hate about Twitter” (page 45)
  • Antoinette Besemer “Willing to Be Disturbed” (pg 81)

Th Mar 1

  • Do one Daily Create; at least 2 stars worth of audio assignments; and comment on ds106 blogs at least twice (can be turned in by Saturday at midnight)
  • View Jim Groom's blog post and video intro to audio

In class

  • Earbuds
  • Mics
  • Flash drives (for saving radio show projects)

Mar 6 & 8: Spring Break!!!

Week Eight

Tu Mar 13

  • Group Radio Shows due (Tweet link out to #ds106 and #eng307)
  • Radio Show rubric due (everyone needs to have participated)
  • Individual reflective blog posts on Radio Show creation due (see Radio Show assignment)
  • Will Richardson meets with our class via Elluminate! PLEASE BRING EARBUDS.
  • Questions for Richardson? Let's make a list of our questions here.

Blog facilitation:
  • Renee Balvin “It’s the Empowerment, Stupid” (pg 47)
  • Emily Heyden “What did you create today?” page 25

Th Mar 15

Blog facilitation: Olivia Guay, "Failing Our Kids” (pg 119)

Week Nine

Tu Mar 20

In class:
  • ElluminateLive session with Will Richardson
Bring: Earbuds so that you can participate

Jenkins, H. "Afterword: Communities of Readers, Clusters of Practices" from DIY Media: Creating, Sharing and Learning with New Technologies (Eds. M. Knobel & C. Lankhear, 2010)

  • Outline of Jenkins article: Accurate and comprehensive outline of Jewitt article (in outline style, with at least one accurate summary sentence for each paragraph) (hard copy to be handed in)
  • HARD COPY (i.e., printed out) Self-assessment of Radio Show: Completed rubric with score in each category + written justification of score in each category (bullet- pointed lists of evidence from your show for each category).

Blog facilitation: Michael Oliveri “So why do you only give your kids 45 minutes a day on the comp?” (pg 101)

Th Mar 22

Read: Jewitt, C., "Jewett article on Multimodality and Multiliteracies.pdf" (entire article)

Write: Accurate and comprehensive outline of Jewitt article (in outline style, with at least one accurate summary sentence for each paragraph) (hard copy to be handed in)

In Class:
Finish going over article on DIY

Introduce: Teacher collaboration assignment

Blog facilitation: Erin Rougeux, “Don’t, Don’t, Don’t vs. Do, Do, Do” pg. 73

Week Ten

Tu Mar 27

Watch: Miss Representation (from Library's Streaming Server; access directions via MyRedDragon here)

Presentation Ertmer, P., Teacher Pedagogical Beliefs: The Final Frontier in Our Quest for Technology Integration? (2005) (Article under "Content" on Blackboard)
Presentation linked here

IMPORTANT NOTE (added 3/26/12): Some students have recently contacted me about problems with links on the Student Wiki page (they get an error message that looks like this when they click their link on the homepage of the Student Wiki). If you are experiencing this problem, this screencast should help you fix it.

Blog facilitation: “What do we know about our kids futures, really? page 39 -Chelsea Backus

Th Mar 29

Multimodal activity
In Class:

Read: NAMLE Key Questions to ask When Analyzing Media Messages and Key Questions to Ask When Producing Media

Blog facilitation: Ashley Keough, "Social Learning" (page 63)

Week Eleven

Tu Apr 3

Expanding your Personal Learning Network
Lots of short posts to read and explore

Personal Learning Networks

Some social networks for educators in English and beyond (Join one? Some? Them all?)

Review: Professional Portfolio Assignment (see March 1, above)

Bring: Assignment from host teacher for Host Teacher Collaboration.

Blog facilitation: Khrystie-Ann Clark, pg. 43 The Steep “Unlearning Curve”

Th Apr 5

ISTE NETS-S: Collaboration

Write: A proposal of Less than one page that describes your project for the teacher collaboration assignment.

Due: Media Literarcy Assignment. Add to your self-assessment page.

Read: "The process of online collaboration"

Blog facilitation: Abby Hanrahan pg. 117 “The Bigger Shifts, Deal With it”

Week Twelve

Tu Apr 10

ISTE NETS-S: Information Fluency

Information Fluency (Slideshow)
Information Fluency (steps and related resources)
Core Competencies (elaborated)
Tutorials on Aspects of Information Fluency

  • Blog about online collaboration. Add to your self-assessment page.
  • Blog about your participation in a Twitter chat last week. Include link to archived chat. Add link to post to our self-assessment page.
Have participated in one Tweet chat (see April 3) and blog about the experience. Archive the former and link both to your Self-Assessment page.

Blog facilitation: Victoria Guaragno “It’s the parents’ fault. Not. (97)

Th Apr 12

ISTE NETS-S: Digital Citizenship (focus on Copyright and Remix)

In class:
A Remix Manifesto (trailer)
Protect IP Act Breaks the Internet
Stanford's Site on Copyright and Fair Use


Write: Blog about Information Fluency. Add to your self-assessment page.

Blog facilitation: Sarah Messmer, "Get off paper” page 27

Week Thirteen

Tu Apr 17

Write: Blog about Digital Citizenship. Add to your self-assessment page.
Submit: Teacher Collaboration Project

Blog facilitation: Nicole Morello, "So What is the Future of Schools?" (49)

Th Apr 19

Due: Draft of Technology Statement for Professional Portfolio
This will be a page in your e-folio that is linked in your navigation bar (aka Statement on 21st-Century Literacies).
  • For this draft, abide by principles of web design and basically respond to this question: What does it mean to be a teacher in the 21st century? In your concise statement, discuss the important role that technology plays in the classrooms of tomorrow. You may want to link to authoritative sources on the subject such as ISTE's NETS T and NETS S and other seminal resources that we have read together this semester (review the course calendar for these). Remember to be mindful of readers who may lack the same level of enthusiasm for and expertise in technology as you; and don't forget your role as an "ambassador" of these ideas.


Blog facilitation: Lindsay Kenney, "A Summer Rant: What’s up with Parents?" (105)

Week Fourteen

Tu Apr 24

Blog facilitation: Victoria Heney, ??

DUE: Teacher Collaboration Project (link to finished LiveBinder due to me by noon on Monday April 24, but you can make updates till class time on Tuesday)

Multimodal Assignment (Teacher Collaboration Project) share out

Th Apr 26


Blog facilitation:
  • Greg Musselman: Why is it so hard for educators to focus on their own learning? (17)
  • Stephanie Kalan: ???
Portfolio share out

Deadline for uploading Multimodal Assignment and Digital Portfolio to TaskStream

Week Fifteen

Tu May 1

  • Finish Teacher Collaboration Project Presentations
  • Portfolio Final Salon
  • Reflection

  • Teacher Collaboration Project (Due Friday April 27 by 11:59 pm)
    • Add "Title" and "Summary" to Teacher Collaboration Information Page
    • On your LiveBinders Teacher Collaboration Project "Preview" page, add Title & Grade Level in Heading and "Unit Overview" blurb as modeled in template
    • Add images to your LiveBinder, edit, and generally prepare the unit for sharing with a professional audience by omitting all grammatical and typographical errors, working on format, revising the document for a general audience (as well as your collaborating teacher), providing context (if need be), providing helpful links, etc.
  • If you are not going to keep your self-hosted blog, please either a) move it to a free site (by following these simple steps linked here) and/or b) indicate whether you would like your e-folio, self-hosted or free blog linked on your LiveBinder page instead on this Google Doc. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you would like me to link your blog.
  • If you have not yet done so, this is your last chance to upload your materials to TaskStream (see sidebar to the right of this page for details). Remember: grades will not be given for the course until materials are properly uploaded onto TaskStream.